• RollRoll A rolling game...
  • We Will Roll You !
  • May the Roll be with You !

Roll as far as you can while avoiding the obstacles!

Roll as far as you can while avoiding the obstacles!

If you think it's easy, you'll be surprised...
Just give it a try: it's terribly addictive !

You will soon discover that RollRoll requires a good dose of reflexes, coordination and constancy.

Try your best, and as the RollRoll Grand Master says:

We Will Roll You!

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VeasyMedia is a french multimedia studio specialized in the design and implementation of interactive content.

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► Translations ▷ Antonio SÁNCHEZ-MONGE • Mathieu DUBOIS
► Design ▷ Freid LACHNOWICZ • Cédric LESTIENNES
► Tests ▷ Yaël & Georges K. • Séverine, Jérôme, Elodie & Philippe B. • Cyril, Murielle & Michel S. • Sandra, Thomas, Alexandre & Fabrice C. • Vincent L. • Dinorah L. • Pascal D. & Laurence K. • Jean C. • Arnaud C. • Adely N.• Laurent H.

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